Welcome to Well House Gallery

We are a family-run art gallery located in the historic village of Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex. We are Thurrock’s first permanent dedicated gallery space; certainly it’s the only one that we currently know of!

The gallery provides a place to enjoy fine and contemporary art, to browse, to be inspired, and to buy pieces that you connect with.

We are here to take your art beyond the stage of a hobby or a dream, providing an outlet to sell your work and help fund your creativity.

Building on several years of running the ‘24-7 Create’ exhibitions in Stanford-le-Hope and the Thurrock Art Trail, the gallery is a place where people can gather to share their love of art and creativity. Several workshops now take place in the village Woolmarket building next door throughout the week and across the year.

We have a classic ‘white box’ gallery space where we can display pictures and sculpture, and a shop area for smaller works, ceramics, cards, and handmade jewellery. Within these spaces we are able to display artists’ work on an ongoing basis and also hold themed exhibitions or solo and group shows. Everything that we display is current work by artists we have a personal connection with.

Great art has the ability to encourage and inspire the human spirit, and also sometimes to challenge and disturb. Our aim is that everything we display will do the first of these in some way, and we are sure that at least some of the work we show will also do the second. To keep a consistent feel and ethos we will not necessarily take every piece we are offered – but if your work isn’t right for us we can sometimes help you to find a venue for it elsewhere.

How does it work commercially? Like all galleries, we will have costs to cover like creating the space, heating and lighting, business rates, staff costs… and that’s before we sell a single piece. Artists do not have to pay to exhibit their work with us, but we take a commission on pieces that we sell.